Quinn Wilde

2 Episodes

A bubbly, busty porn wild child — that's Quinn Wilde. The dirty blonde American starlet was born in Denver in March of 1996, making her a Pisces out of water. Quinn is a petite little thing, except for her big, luscious boobs. She measures 34DD-23-36. Before she turned 18, Quinn held lots of jobs typical of growing-up Middle Americans. She worked at a couple of different restaurants, a tanning salon, and she did domestic work at a hotel. Things got more interesting after Quinn's 18th birthday. She got into web camming and exotic dancing; those activities made her feel familiar and comfortable with the world of adult entertainment. At about that time, someone connected to the XXX industry noticed her and contacted her about trying hardcore porn. Quinn felt it was bound to happen, and she got right into it. That was in 2016, when pretty Quinn was just over 18. In her first couple of years in the porn industry, Quinn appeared in over 60 porn productions. Meanwhile, the crazy Ms. Wilde's sexuality had been maturing and developing. Right after losing her virginity, Quinn went on a sex binge, and she says she really needed it. Quinn estimates that she had maybe 30 sex partners even before she got into porn (at just 18). Busy girl! The giggling cutie recalls one of her wildest sexual experiences: Once she was with a boyfriend, his buddy and the buddy's girlfriend. They all went to Quinn's boyfriend's house, thinking it would be hot to fuck in the same room. So they did. At one point when Quinn and the other girl were in the bathroom, Quinn suggested that it would be cool to go back to the bedroom and exchange partners. The second girl was down for it, so what sounds like a porn fantasy happened in Quinn's real life. And yes, Quinn's ambitious sexuality has just accelerated. She says she likes buttholes — looking at them, touching them, licking them. And she likes to have people play with her asshole. So she came to enjoy buttfucking in her private life. At the beginning of her porn career, Quinn wasn't having anal sex on camera, but she does it now. Really, Quinn's biggest turn-on is pleasing her lover. She calls herself a giver and says she gets off on other people feeling good. Like lots of fans, Quinn likes to watch: Seeing someone into sex brings out her freakiness, she says. She's still young in her porn career, but Quinn has a few goals. Besides doing more porn, she wants to finish school — she's studying to be a dental assistant. But goals aside, Quinn's general philosophy is to play things by ear and go with the flow.