Marsha May

12 Episodes

Pretty, little Marsha May's pint-size body packs huge, kinky sexuality. The bubbly, multiply tattooed blonde stands 4'11 and weighs less than 100 pounds, but she's shapely, measuring 32D-24-32. Born in January 1995, Marsha was raised in Miami in a small, close family; her mixed heritage includes English, Italian and Cuban blood. She's an Aquarius. Little Marsha lost her virginity in 8th grade. But the guy's cock was so huge that Marsha thought she'd never want sex again! She got into a relationship with a different guy and wound up fucking him for about a year-and-a-half. When that ended, she wanted to experiment with weird fetishes, so she wound up sleeping around a lot from age 16 to 18. Marsha actually lost count of how many dicks she took, but she was a busy girl, fucking more dudes than she would in her entire first year of porn! She was also into girls. "I was the go-to girl if you wanted to lose your lesbian virginity," says impossibly cute Marsha. The kinks kept coming; Marsha started a foot fetish blog to show photos of her size-five feet. That spread all over the Internet. She also discovered an interest in bondage. Marsha says she masturbates every single day. Her favorite fuck position depends — when she wants to squirt like crazy, give her missionary. When she wants to feel it really deep, go with doggie-style. She loves (loves!) taking cum in her mouth, and she has anal sex in her personal life. She's tried water sports and she loves licking guys' assholes. Marsha is definitely a size queen. The drawback is that she can't deep-throat if the cock is huge, but she gets very wet, so the bigger the meat, the better the ride. Speaking of wet, dirty talk soaks Marsha. She loves passionate, rough sex, especially a mix of soft loving and "rough, monstrous" fucking. Marsha had a boyfriend that always said she would make an amazing porn star. Then one day she found out he'd cheated on her. "I decided to shit on him by doing porn," says Marsha. "Now he can masturbate while watching me." That was in 2014, when Marsha was 19. She admired porn crossover star Sasha Grey, and a guy on a set told her she resembled classic TV character Marcia Brady. So she chose "Marsha" for her first name, and "May" rhymed with "Gray" — a porn name was born. Ms. May says her first shoot was amazing. "I was ready to get my fuck on and show the world..." Being quite sexually experienced and also a nudist, Marsha wasn't at all shy or nervous. (She says she used to go to parties completely naked and just walk around as if it were normal. So porn sets feel almost ordinary to her.) The world noticed Marsha: XBIZ nominated her for Best New Starlet of 2015. Marsha says she always cums in her scenes. Most guys she's worked with have been fabulous for her. She wasn't into the older guys at first, but now she thinks they're hot. (The oldest guy she's done in her personal life was in his forties.) In her private life, Marsha likes to hang out with friends, smoke weed and shop. She's very entrepreneurial and loves camming (especially flirting with guys and having them watch her masturbate). Marsha listens to and loves all kinds of music, hip-hop to jazz to metal to country. She loves eating cake (and, probably, having it too).