Lily Jordan

2 Episodes

Lily Jordan was born in Los Angeles, Calif. on January 16, 1998. Barely five feet tall and cute as a button, the fresh-faced brunette's first job out of high school was at a weed dispensary, where she met various porn stars. Of Bolivian and American descent, Lily was raised in Beverly Hills, where multiple friends suggested that she'd be perfect for the XXX industry. In an interview at, the spunky cutie says, "I was always known as a slut, but I was really, really popular, and I just didn't really give a fuck." Even so, she was initially skeptical about entering the porn business. But after watching a few documentaries about it, she developed a strong interest. Lily started her promising career at just 18 years old. A self-proclaimed troublemaker, this California cutie has piercings in her navel, tongue and nose, and she has a tattoo on her left forearm. Since July of 2016, Lily has worked for several notable studios; she claims to have an affinity for rough sex and "being dominated." Lily is known for her appearances in XXX niches including teen, babysitter, interracial and family role-play/taboo relations. In her spare time, Lily does volunteer work at animal shelters. In's "Blackmailed Lesbian Lovers Take Cock," Lily portrays an irresponsible tenant under pressure, with the threat of eviction looming. Lily and Charity Crawford are lesbian gal pals whose careless ways have gotten the best of them. When they miss their rent payment again, the landlord steps in to take matters into his own hands. The lewd extortionist blackmails these frisky sluts into a hot threesome, and the girls reluctantly trade rude sexual favors to get out of arrears. It's intense to watch a lesbian coerced into taking dick, but Lily had a choice to make: Erection or eviction!