Kleio Valentien

15 Episodes

Kleio Valentien's look is as striking and original as her name. And the hyper-blonde, elaborately tattooed alt beauty has made quite a name for herself among XXX fans. She's got a pretty face and an impressive 5'6", 32D-24-33 physique, but the first thing most fans notice is the ink. Kleio started getting tattoos when she was 18, and look at her now: a large heart on her chest, bats on her thighs beneath each ass cheek, and much more body art adorning her shoulders, belly, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and pubic area. She's also got her lower lip, nose and nipples pierced. Born in January 1986 in Austin, Texas, Kleio is a real country girl. She grew up on a farm and went to a really small school before switching to home-schooling. She spent much of her childhood milking cows, gardening, shooting guns and hunting with her parents. Kleio went to church every week, but she was a bad girl, sneaking out to drink beers and smoke cigarettes — all of her church's "naughty" kids would hang out together. At first, Kleio made her living as a veterinary tech by day and a bartender by night. She was a freaky chick — at that bar gig, she and a male bartender would sneak into the walk-in refrigerator to fool around. She also played with a female bar customer. Kleio wasn't a porn fan, and she knew nothing of the adult industry before getting into it. But a friend tipped her off and she thought it would be fun. A few weeks later, she ventured out of Texas for the very first time and took her very first airplane flight to L.A., where she did her very first shoot. That was in 2007, when Kleio was 21. That decision to try porn intrigued a girlfriend back home. Married with kids, the friend wished to be the one with the courage and the opportunity to take the XXX plunge. In tribute, Kleio borrowed her porn first name from that friend. The new starlet had no last name for awhile, but she needed one for her Twitter account. She thought of "Valentine," but "Kleio Valentine" was taken, so our girl changed the spelling, creating the "Kleio Valentien" name. Ms. Valentien turned out to be a natural! She won AVN's 2016 Best Supporting Actress statuette, and in 2017 AVN honored her with their Best Actress award. But even after that, humble Kleio is mystified that she has fans. She never expected that, but she loves it. Kleio says she feels like her fans are her friends, and some are. She sincerely appreciates people that take the time to watch her scenes, and Kleio puts her heart into every one. Her family knows about her career and is cool with it. The illustrated porn star says she prefers a mix of guys and girls in her scenes, so she can taste a little of everything. Whether a camera is running or not, Kleio really loves sex. She likes all positions, but says spooning is her favorite — she calls it sexy and dirty at the same time. And Kleio absolutely loves sucking cock. She finds smoking really sexy, both as a bad habit and as a fetish. (Always the bad girl...) As for dating, Kleio likes a bit of everything. She gravitates toward tattooed guys and blue collar types like oil field workers. A fitness nut, Kleio lives in New York and flies to L.A. once a month for porn shoots. She is a passionate cook, barbecue being her favorite. In fact, barbecue is one of the reasons she misses Texas. She's a Capricorn.