Juelz Ventura

2 Episodes

"I'm pretty fucking rad, and if you take the time to get to know me, you'd probably love me." That's dirty blonde porn star Juelz Ventura summing herself up. Given her physical charms and the spirited personality that comes across on camera, even fans that don't know her tend to love her. But be forewarned: She's pretty, and very "fucking rad." Most porn girls don't have such interesting stories about how they got into porn... Juelz was born in Brazil in July 1987 — she's a Leo that roars. In addition to her Latina heritage, Juelz is partly Italian and Jewish, but she grew up in the U.S., in Midwestern Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The colorful star stands 5'5," measures 32D-24-34 and sports multiple piercings, including her clit. But Juelz's best known physical trait may be her elaborate tattoos. She was first inked at age 16, using a fake ID, and went on to add tats all over her body. Juelz loves tattoos as self-expression, so she does not merely choose random body art; she actually designs many of her markings. Her most prominent piece is a tattoo sleeve that depicts her porn journey. That trip started in February 2008, but not in a typical way. In fact, Juelz's entré to commercial hardcore erotica had nothing to do with her sexuality. It was revenge! Juelz acknowledges that in her younger days, she could be quite a vengeful person, and her husband at the time, then a major league baseball player, inspired her vengeance: Juelz discovered on his computer explicit videos of him having sex with other women. She was upset, sad and angry. Having already been approached to do porn, Juelz decided to take the opportunity: She flew to Miami and performed in her first scenes. Juelz figured that her husband had been taping his indiscretions, so why not do the same ... but put the result on the Internet? Tenfold revenge! Juelz describes her pre-porn existence as "closeted." Calling herself, "Queen of the one-night stands," she says she rarely fucked a guy more than once. That's because she was embarrassed by sex — she felt inwardly kinky, but believed that wrong and didn't want others to know. So she'd have her fun for one night and then make sure to never see the partner again. After doing porn for a few months, Juelz took a hiatus, only then weighing the pros and cons of this unusual lifestyle. Eventually she overcame her sexual shame and felt amazingly liberated. Juelz cared not for what others might think, but for her own happiness. She came back to porn, and it felt like a release. Suddenly Juelz could be herself and be open about her sexuality. The big lesson she took: Don't be ashamed of who you are. If it makes you happy, go for it. Be you, do what you do and never let anyone tell you it's wrong. From there, Juelz has forged quite a XXX career. In April of 2010 she was a Penthouse cover girl. In 2012 she won two AVN Awards, one for Best Oral Sex Scene and another for Most Outrageous Sex Scene. Over the course of her career, Juelz has earned a reputation for incendiary interracial scenes, which makes sense because she's truly attracted to black men. Off camera, Juelz considers herself fun loving and goofy; she likes to tell jokes. She loves interacting with fans via social media. She loves having a porn career, but off camera or on, Juelz has little tolerance for ignorance, and watch out if you piss her off. Juelz says she once beat a director with her shoe and broke his camera — he had been calling her a crack whore after she'd warned him to stop. If you don't respect Juelz Ventura, she won't respect you. Pretty fucking rad.