Jaye Summers

10 Episodes

If the fit, fetching girl next-door turns out to have a career making sexy porn, she might be Jaye Summers. Slim, pretty-faced Jaye's 5'6" body is natural besides the four bird tattoos perched on her shoulder and the jewelry piercing her navel, nipples, tongue and clit. Jaye measures 32B-24-32. She's usually a brunette, but blonde sometimes streaks her long locks. Jaye was born in May 1995, so she's a Gemini. She grew up in North Carolina and speaks with a light Southern lilt. Her heritage is European (German, Irish) and Native American. As sweet as she looks and sounds, Jaye isn't totally innocent. At 16, she snuck out of her house to visit her boyfriend, fairly sure she knew what was coming that night. Nervous but game, she lost her virginity. That led to some typical teen sexual adventures and misadventures: She says the craziest place she ever had sex was in the parking lot at a high school football field. Jaye and her boyfriend at the time, a junior varsity ballplayer, fucked in a car while the varsity game was in progress! (That night, the cheers may not all have been for scoring plays inside the stadium...) Another time, her mom caught her in the act, while her guy was pumping balls-deep in her pussy. Jaye says her mom flipped out. She reports having had sex with six or seven guys before porn. In those pre-porn days, Jaye says she once had sex while someone watched. At 20, Jaye embarked upon her porn career. That was in 2015. She says she wanted to try something new, and she suspected she'd be able to succeed. The idea of having sex on camera attracted her curiosity. Her first scene was in Florida; she was very nervous, but it went well, and afterwards she was excited to do it again. Jaye soon relocated to the capital of porn, Southern California. That's been a really good move; she prefers the productions in Porn Valley, now calling on-camera fucking, "the best job in the world." And she's busy, shooting perhaps four scenes a week and earning 10 times what she made before her XXX job. Nowadays her sex life is very much centered in the porn business, and Jaye considers the work her entertainment! While she loves life on the West Coast, she does miss a couple of things from home: Southern food and sweet tea. This modern belle of balling loves foreplay, giving head and riding cock. She says she likes rough, sloppy, sweaty sex. And she claims to know instantly upon meeting a guy whether she'll have sex with him. The decision is based on looks — a pretty smile is her favorite feature on a man. Jaye likes going to the gym to work out, in part because looking at the guys makes her horny. So if you spot Jaye Summers in the gym, smile pretty.