Elsa Jean

7 Episodes

Hailing from North Canton, Ohio, tiny, bright-eyed blonde Elsa Jean has one of the prettiest and most captivating faces in the industry. Being an overachiever, she graduated high school at 16 years old and then attended George Mason University to further her education. Elsa studied to become a surgical assistant in college, but eventually dropped out to pursue something that better suited her exhibitionist personality. At 18, she started her adult career at a hometown strip club and promoted herself by selling solo videos to local patrons. After a short-lived attempt at mainstream modeling, Elsa found her true calling in porn. She's performed for numerous top-tier studios since her start, and is known for her appearances in various teen, babysitter, interracial and family role-play movies. Elsa won AVN's Hottest Newcomer award in 2016 and was nominated for Best New Starlet in 2017. With charming, Nordic beauty and stunning sex appeal, she's flourished as a XXX sensation, starring in over 200 scenes in her first couple of years on camera. Elsa portrays an unfaithful girlfriend caught in a disastrous predicament in Blackmailed.com's "Blackmailed Cheat And Clueless Cuckold." She plays the role of a cheating girlfriend threatened with exposure. It seems Elsa had a drunken hook-up with a man that was not her boyfriend. When the boyfriend's best friend discovers Elsa's secret, he coerces the sexy but faithless blonde into a sleazy cuckolding affair. With her boyfriend blacked out on the sofa right next to them, Elsa and the creepy extortionist indulge in unspeakable behavior. The blackmailing stud pounds Elsa's pussy almost hard enough to wake her boyfriend from his stupor! Elsa's disturbing encounter features filthy cocksucking and sinister sex. Finally, the blackmailer slathers her adorable face in hot sperm. Some best friend — he gets off having his buddy's girl and manipulating her into evil betrayal.