Dava Foxx

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Dava Foxx is an American porn star of Italian and Hawaiian heritage. The longhaired brunette with the brown eyes and toothy smile stands 5'5" and measures 34C-25-24. She's got a pierced navel and she's liberally tattooed, including "Only God Can Judge Me" on her right flank. Ms. Foxx launched her hardcore porn career in 2013, and in the first five years appeared in over 120 scenes. She's a popular MILF. Dava was reared in Yonkers, New York, where she was born in April 1982. She migrated south for college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Following graduation (and some "party girl life" in Miami), Dava wound up back in New York, working a couple of years for United Health Care on Wall Street. Meanwhile, Dava had a backup gig: She worked weekends at Hooters for 10 years, starting at 18. The company featured her in their calendar and eventually promoted her to management and marketing. Dava moved to Los Angeles to open a downtown location. Among the lessons gained from her Hooters experience was that her looks could get her what she wants. Dava says she's had major sugar daddies in Miami and L.A. — she's never paid for jewelry or purses, and men have even bought her expensive dogs. From Hooters, Dava moved on to Playboy TV for about five years, appearing in their suggestive (but not hardcore) programming, including "Millionaire Matchmaker" and "XXX Intervention." She says it was mostly dating shows. (Dava once appeared in the pages of Playboy magazine, in a college issue back in the mid-2000s.) It seems that Playboy TV supplied guests with alcohol, and one time Dava got drunk on a show. Her guest happened to be porn stud Ryan Driller, and Dava wound up fucking him as the cameras rolled. She figured the producers would edit that out, but they found a way to show the action (with certain areas blurred). When it happened a second time — another drunken fuck with a reality show guest on camera — people suggested Dava consider moving on to hardcore porn. She feared that her family would react badly but liked the idea of being paid well for something she liked. Dava truly liked sex and being on camera, and she decided there's nothing wrong with that. A porn star was born. Her family eventually found out; she says her dad took it well but her younger sister was upset. At first disgusted and crying, the sister came around and soon volunteered to serve as Dava's financial advisor. Dava lost her virginity at 16 to a "douchebag" — she says the guy treated her like a princess and gave her flowers all the time, but she soon found out he had another girlfriend he'd been dating for five years. With her cherry gone, Dava became very promiscuous. She loves sex so much that her porn career doesn't surprise people she's known. Dava stopped counting her partners at 50, and that was in her early twenties, so she estimates she must have had "a couple hundred" dicks before porn. (Pause for applause!) Her first girl-girl experience occurred with another Hooters girl; that was part of her very first threesome. Before her XXX career, Dava was not into watching porn. In fact, she'd get mad at boyfriends for looking at it. She laughs at herself for that now, wondering how she ever felt that way. Dava masturbates every day; she likes vibrators. Her favorite fuck position is doggie-style. She loves (loves) having a guy go down on her. She loves talking dirty and hearing a guy talk dirty during sex. She likes having a guy pull her hair, choke her a little and fuck her with authority. Since before her porn days, she's preferred to have cum shot in her face, and on camera, Dava is disappointed if she doesn't get a facial. She definitely swallows. Dava reports that her kinkiest act was the time she had sex with an ex in a club DJ booth. Off-camera, Dava prefers tall, dark-haired dudes. She likes educated, personable men that have their lives together. She loves older men and sometimes dates guys in their forties. In scenes, she prefers older men because "they know what they're doing." In her private life, Dana likes hiking and amusement parks. She hangs out in Southern California tourist areas like Hollywood Boulevard, the Santa Monica Pier and Rodeo Drive. She enjoys Top 40 pop and hip-hop music. The hip-hop is good on the set; when she's home preparing for a scene, she'll listen to Country or house music. The Italian girl likes watching "Goodfellas" and "Casino" and eating Chicken Parmesan.