Carmen Caliente

2 Episodes

Sizzling-hot and appropriately named Carmen Caliente brings spicy flavor to her porn career. The dirty blonde American Latina with the adorable, gap-tooth smile is an athletic, 5'7", 110-pound package of fun. Carmen's measurements are 38C-25-37; she has a pierced navel and tattoos. Her heritage is Caucasian and Puerto Rican. Carmen was born in September 1994 in Tampa, Fla; she's a Virgo. Raised by her mom, Carmen grew up quite an athlete, playing volleyball and getting into kickboxing. Nowadays she gets her exercise from hiking, hanging out at the beach and longboarding — not to mention twerking, a favorite talent, and sexual workouts! During high school, Carmen worked flipping burgers for the world's best-known fast food chain. But she soon responded to a higher calling: In late 2013 at 19, just after her high school graduation, Carmen embarked upon her XXX odyssey, and it happened in kind of a funny way. She had a close girlfriend that seemed to disappear for long periods, and then reappear with lots of money. Carmen guessed it — the girl must have been doing porn! When asked, the friend fessed up and asked if Carmen might be interested too. Carmen says that at first, she felt too prudish … but she kept thinking about it, and it started to sound a whole lot better than fast food work in the hometown. So Carmen went out to Las Vegas and dove in. Back home in Florida, she was working behind the counter on the day her first video was released. Her old school was right down the street, and when the video dropped, lots of people she knew found out right away. Some printed XXX photos from the video and brought them to the fast food joint to "out" her, which quickly spelled the end of Carmen's burger flipping gig. It was good to escape — she calls Tampa "a small town where people talk a lot of shit." Right away, Carmen found great success in her new career. In 2015, AVN recognized her with nominations for Best New Starlet and for a Fan Award: Cutest Newcomer. That same year, both AVN and XBIZ bestowed upon Carmen prestigious nominations for Best Supporting Actress. Through porn, Carmen realized that she likes girls a lot. She lost her lesbian virginity on camera, giggling with that same best friend that first recruited her. Doing the scene made them closer — now they fuck off-camera. In fact, one of Carmen's favorite aspects of the porn world is that she regularly gets to have off-camera sex with fellow porn stars. Her big fantasy now is to fuck a cop. She says she's already done a firefighter and concludes that she probably just likes fucking authority! Whomever she fucks, Carmen says she prefers clitoral stimulation to get off. The sexy minx reports that the strangest place she's ever had sex was in a tennis court bathroom. Another funny story: Carmen says the very biggest nut she's ever taken was delivered to her pretty face during her very first shoot, back in Las Vegas. That must have been an inspiring start — in her first couple of years, Carmen appeared in about 130 movies. Carmen says she's always been a somewhat religious person, and she does not feel judged about her career. The avid pot smoker calls herself "Twerking Stoner Princess." Her philosophy: Try to make life as easy as possible for each other.