Cali Carter

2 Episodes

    Cali Carter is a dirty blonde American porn star. Her 5'1" body sports exciting 32DD-24-32 curves — big boobs, hot ass and thick, muscular thighs. She has piercings (navel and nostril) and a large, impressive tattoo of Pisces on her side. Born in February 1990 in Sacramento, Calif., Cali grew up in a small town with three brothers, two older. She played basketball and softball as a young girl; in high school she concentrated on softball and played two more years at a community college, where she also earned an Associate's degree. When she was in her early twenties, Cali's boyfriend encouraged her to try porn — the conversations started as sexy bedroom talk. But they did some research online and watched a couple of documentaries about the porn business, soon realizing that it's more-or-less a job. The XXX industry's stringent blood testing program made her feel safe, so she found an agent, and a fantasy became real. In 2013, at the age of 23, Cali came to Los Angeles to do her first scene, a simple POV blowjob. Nobody but Cali and the producer/male talent were on set. She felt it went well. So Cali went home, and two days later her first scene was online. The next day, it seemed like half of her hometown contemporaries had seen the action and were calling: "Oh my God, you're Cali Carter!" She was shocked, having guessed that nobody would find out for months, if ever. She hadn't even committed to a career yet, but her friends were supportive. Her brothers found out right away, but not her parents... At the start of her career, Cali went with the new girl/teenybopper look, but she always wanted big boobs. (She got eventually got them, after three years of porn.) Cali says she gets butterflies before her scenes, worrying about what to wear and what producers will think. She tends to keep on-set communication with male talent professional, because conversations about personal matters (like kids and baby daddies) could mess with her head. But once the camera and lights come on, Cali's internal switch seems to flip, and then she feels like she's in sports mode: It's time to execute a job. Once everything is flowing, her true personality comes out. Probably because she has no gag reflex, Cali's porn specialty is deep-throat blowjobs. Her studs often tell her she's the best cocksucker they've had, as if she has a dick and knows what makes them feel best. She likes performing anal, interracial, blow bang and gangbang scenes. On a cam shoot, Cali discovered that she can squirt; those are her most powerful orgasms. She likes cum facials ... particularly if she can watch the guy's face as he unloads. Cali's sexuality is just as ambitious off camera as on. She's in an open relationship and she fucks twice a day, every day. She masturbates a lot, including to he own scenes, and she takes cock up the ass. Pleasing others is what turns her on most. Just as in her scenes, she's very vocal and a dirty talker. And she's way into girls — Cali often brings them home for threesomes. She says skimpily clad girls can often be found bouncing around her place. With men, Cali switches between dominance and submission, but she loves being dommed. [But it's complicated. Cali notes that when a guy orders her to suck dick, he feels like he's in control ... but really, she can regulate him with her mouth, making him cum or making him wait. That's a fun game for her.] With women, Cali is definitely dominant. She knows what she likes and tends to control girl-girl fun. In her private life, Cali is fitness minded and a healthy eater. Her diet emphasizes protein and vegetables, and she eats no junk food. She does 35-45 minutes of cardio every day and adds a full-body workout when she has time. She still plays softball. Besides that, she's into photography, video games and walking her dogs (a Beagle and a Husky) in the park. In Cali's second year of porn, her parents found out about her career. They had reservations, for religious reasons and others, but they've realized that she's responsible with money, not a druggie and doing a job to better her future. She owns two properties and cars; she has no credit card debt; she's happy, healthy and ahead of the game for someone her age. Her parents support all of that and are glad she's happy.