Brooklyn Chase

2 Episodes

Beautiful, busty Brooklyn Chase is a California girl from San Diego. The pretty, tattooed brunette is just 5'2", but she sports a 32G-25-37 figure. Born in March 1986, she's a Pisces. Brooklyn grew up a middle child with an older and a younger sister. She was quiet and painfully shy — if she heard laughter in the high school hallway, she'd assume people were laughing at her. Too shy for sports or clubs, her life revolved around school, work and home. Shy as she was, Brooklyn lost her virginity at 15. She was actually grounded at the time, but she had a crush on a guy that was throwing a party, so she snuck out of her bedroom window. At the party the guy she found so cute took an interest in her ... and took her virginity in his little sister's bedroom! After that initiation, Brooklyn became very promiscuous. She learned the power she wielded over horny guys: An auto shop actually fixed her car for free because she had banged a guy that worked there. Despite her shyness, Brooklyn really got around for a couple of years, until she got married at 17. Ms. Brooklyn Lee broke into porn in 2012 at the age of 26. She'd worked customer service and retail for 11 years, breaking into management, but she couldn't advance beyond that without a degree, and she was falling into debt. She figured she had sex with strangers all the time anyway, so why not get paid for it? Brooklyn tried it and was shocked by how fun and easy it was for her. The nascent porn star thought she could keep her budding career on the down low, but the news spread when an ex outed her to family and friends. They weren't happy at first, but seeing her happiness and improved self-esteem, they're OK with her career. Of course Brooklyn is known in the XXX industry for her massive, succulent melons. She likes role-playing, and she's become ever more attracted to girls. As a result of her career, Brooklyn has become very confident in her sexuality. Her shyness banished, she thinks confidence is the key to an amazing sexual experience. Even now, Brooklyn masturbates every day, usually two or three times. She even masturbates with a vibrator in her car as she drives home from porn scenes! Her favorite fuck position is doggie-style, and she loves having her hair pulled and her ass spanked. Getting choked is her favorite, but she still loves soft kissing. When she's not having sex on or off camera, Brooklyn likes running, playing with her dog and working on crafts, like making wreaths and holiday decorations.