Ashley Fires

2 Episodes

Standing just 5'1" and measuring 32B-26-34, Ashley Fires is a blonde package of kinky sexual excitement. Born in Northridge, Calif. in March 1982, she's truly a native of Porn Valley. Her heritage is Scottish and Greek. Growing up, Ashley was home-schooled, she rode horses, and overall she enjoyed a good family life, but she admits to having been a really bad kid, "a little monster bitch." (She's still apologetic to her family about that!) At 15 she started working in a restaurant; after her 18th birthday she moved to Las Vegas, where she became a cocktail waitress, a topless dancer and a notary public. Ashley turned out to be quite a slutty girl. She thought she was a lesbian until she discovered dick. She would tease guys hard and then blow them, but she also loved seducing lesbian virgins. And Ashley would go to adult chat rooms. "That was bad," she says. "I was a total perv." She lost her virginity at 16; at 17 Ashley tried anal sex and then did it a lot. She says she was always anally interested, including when she masturbated. Eventually she became very BDSM-oriented. The only porn Ms. Fires saw before getting into the XXX business was whatever ran on TV while she was having sex with other women at bachelor parties. Finally in 2003, when she was about 21, Ashley got into porn herself, having been introduced by a brother's girlfriend! She started with fetish, and for eight years her only hardcore work was in girl-girl scenes (plus some guys on a website). She remains BDSM-oriented, and she dominates professionally, but she's submissive in private. By now Ashley has done many kinds of porn, but she still gets nervous before scenes. (She hopes to quit if the butterflies stop coming.) Ashley has been known to squirt on camera, and she says that's spectacular when she's getting fucked up the ass. She says it's involuntary and it takes a lot out of her. Ashley has done a big, all-black gangbang, but she fantasizes about one with at least 10 black dudes. "Five is just a party. Five is like Thursday night," she says. "In my fantasy, I want 10, 20, 30 guys banging me out." Ashley likes creampies and multiple loads. She swallows cum. And Ashley still masturbates a lot, once in the morning and a couple of times after dinner if she's not getting fucked. She says she goes on masturbation binges. Asked about a crazy thing she's done, Ashley mentions the time she hid in a closet to spy on a couple of roommates fucking. She still masturbates to thoughts of that! When she's not fucking on camera or in her private life, Ashley is passionate about cooking and baking. She takes existing recipes and makes them healthier. She loves serving up dinner parties and traveling for food. In addition, she likes foreign films, classical music (in the morning), EDM and slow jams.