Ashley Adams

2 Episodes

    Q: What happens when a home-schooled Jehovah's Witness unleashes her repressed wild side? A: Porn star Ashley Adams. The leggy, shapely American brunette measures a natural 34DD-24-34. Born in Tampa, Fla. in 1996, she's a white girl of Irish, Italian and Greek heritage. Growing up in Florida, Ashley's family life was religious and very strict. The family didn't have a lot of money, but they enjoyed camping and visiting nature parks. She was partially homeschooled, graduating high school at 17. Ashley's sexual development started earlier. Her eventually big boobs made their first appearance when she was about 12 or 13; her rebellious spirit emerged when she was 16. So Ashley tried to go out, but her strict mother prevented most dating. (Ashley had started working at 15, in hopes of making enough money to move out of her mom's house.) To have a social or sexual life, Ashley had to be tricky with her Facebook account. She found friends and a few dates in her area. This was new because she'd been sheltered from the experiences of public school. Young Ashley managed to date a few guys, and she discovered another passion online: She got extremely into porn, which created high sexual expectations. These were temporarily dashed when at 16 Ashley lost her virginity "to a boy who just sucked." She says he was totally selfish and hardly looked at her before cumming super-fast. "It was really shitty." Following one more random sexual disappointment, Ashley's online surfing yielded a boyfriend. They had lots of good sex, and the guy was addicted to porn, so they experimented a lot. Eventually, Ashley cheated on the guy, so he dumped her. Prior to her porn career, Ashley estimates she had perhaps six sex partners. She'd also experimented with a close female friend. Ashley felt way too shy for girl-girl sex until her career gave her more confidence with women. That porn career commenced in 2014, when Ashley was 18. An adult company contacted her through Facebook; she flew out to Las Vegas super-excited for a new experience and sex. She did 10 scenes in 10 days. Her first scene was shot in a condo. Ashley was nervous, but the director spent time telling her what to expect, and he made her very comfortable. And so Ashley managed to have a genuine orgasm in her very first scene — talk about starting with a bang! In another scene that week, Ashley had anal sex for the first time in her life. She cried, showing the overwhelmed emotion the director had hoped for. The scene was with Johnny Castle. (A year later she really enjoyed an anal scene with him, and Ashley was proud to show that she wasn't "a baby anymore.") Ten days of taking so much big dick made her pussy a little sore, but Ashley greatly enjoyed her Vegas experiment. She went home and started her Twitter account. An agent contacted her, and she drove to Miami for more porn. She wound up doing about 250 scenes in her first four years. Ashley says she prefers fucking people with whom she has no romantic involvement. She likes sex rough and straight to the point. (If she likes the person, she might want more romance with the roughness.) The starlet says she's naturally submissive to men, but really likes to dominate women. She likes cum in her pussy and in her mouth — Ashley swallows. Though she loves big dicks, she appreciates different sizes and can get off on any size as long as it's hard. Ashley absolutely loves double penetration. Ms. Adams says she masturbates daily. She watches porn while she masturbates; loves using a wand on her pussy while she fingers her butthole; and Ashley likes to taste herself. That Ashley enjoys working with older men in porn is not surprising given that at 18, she seduced a married, 40-year-old man. She says her kinkiest act outside of porn was fucking a boyfriend under a big Christmas tree at an outdoor mall. In her private life, Ashley seeks men that are truthful, sweet and funny. She doesn't care about money, race or where a guy is from; she does care that he's good in bed and sexually open. (Ashley once fucked a guy in the ass on camera, and she'd like that in her private life.) When she's not having sex, she's roller blading, hitting the beach or spending time with family. Ashley loves living in California but misses her family, so she visits aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, her little sister and little brother. She likes all types of music, especially dance, rap and electronic. And she loves Italian food.



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