Alexis Fawx

3 Episodes

Buxom, blonde American beauty Alexis Fawx is the perfect porn MILF. Born in June 1975 in Pennsylvania, Ms. Fawx stands 5'4" and measures 32DD-23-33 (with breasts enhanced). She grew up in a small town with a good family life. Alexis was a bit of a wild child in high school, often partying in Washington, DC. After that she joined the U.S. Air Force; a nearly four-year hitch was cut short when she had to go home to take care of family after her father passed. After that period, the future starlet graduated from college and moved to Florida. Alexis lost her virginity at a young age, and soon became very promiscuous. She says she had a good time with that! She also says she's totally bisexual, having played with girls going back to age 16 or 17. She had her first real girlfriend relationship in her twenties. While in the Air Force, Alexis did her first threesome, with a boyfriend and his best friend. She found it exciting. Also while in the military, Alexis experienced her first buttfuck. While Alexis can be submissive to men or women, she calls herself a switch and says that the impulse to dominate or submit depends on her mood. While being fucked doggie-style, she sometimes likes to have her hair pulled and hands around her throat. Even porn beauties masturbate, and Alexis does it often. Preferring the feel of flesh to plastic, she usually uses her hands or fingers, and sometimes tastes her sweet pussy on her finger. She finds toys boring. Alexis likes to have real orgasms while masturbating in Web cam scenes. Alexis launched her porn career in 2010, when she was about 35. At the time she was a paralegal, and she spotted an ad for an extra on an adult shoot. She was familiar with the studio, having been a porn fan herself. (She used to access her uncle's VHS collection.) When the studio explained the money she could make performing sex on camera, Alexis was ready, and immediately she loved the freedom of expressing herself sexually. Her first shoot was a blowjob, and it went well. She was nervous for her first fuck scene; even now she gets a bit nervous before scenes. But pornographers and the public love Alexis: She's received multiple awards nominations for MILF Performer Of The Year. In her personal life, Alexis likes guys that bring a sense of humor, an open mind and life of their own. Same for women. Alexis is a Cancer. She tries to hit the gym daily. She reads and hangs out with her dog. She likes skydiving and boxing! She loves eating and traveling to experience other cultures. The porn Renaissance woman hits art cinema houses and film festivals.