Alexa Nova

18 Episodes

You could call Alexa Nova a porn natural: The trim, sexy brunette has been doing anal scenes since getting into the XXX business as a 20-year-old in 2015. She measures 33B-22-32, her trim body tattooed with "count your blessings" above her pussy. Born in January 1994, Alexa grew up in her birthplace of Las Vegas. Her parents divorced when she was young. She did independent study in high school and graduated early. From there she worked full-time as a receptionist, making $12.50 an hour, but she had to pay full-time daycare as well as rent, so she found herself working weekends and adding dance gigs. It was all so many hours that Alexa wanted something different. She hadn't considered porn, in deference to her parents' sensibilities, but she thought she could succeed because she's comfortable with her body and sexuality, she doesn't care what people think, and she's had lots of sexual experience... Dancing and camming led to hardcore work. Alexa's family is aware of her career and not thrilled, but their relationship remains good. They talk regularly, just not about porn. Alexa's first scene went well. She wasn't too nervous, and she understood instinctively that the camera needs to see what's going on. In her early scenes, Alexa often kept her eyes closed while fucking, but she watched her work and realized she needed to open her eyes. Known for anal talent, Alexa doesn't eat on the morning of an on-camera buttfuck. She likes to do those scenes early or by midday, so she doesn't run out of energy. About all that sexual experience that gave Alexa confidence: She started watching pay-per-view porn (with the sound turned off) at 12, but by her older teens, she preferred her imagination. (Now she watches her own scenes and can masturbate to them!) When Alexa was 14, there was a weird situation with her mom's boyfriend: After her mom would fall asleep, the guy would put porn on the TV with Alexa sitting right there, and they'd watch. He never touched her or even himself, but still... At 13, Alexa snuck out and lost her virginity to a boyfriend three years her senior; from there, she was extremely promiscuous. Alexa says she fucked some 80 guys before porn! She had threesomes, and even a foursome with a female friend and two guys — they were brothers that looked alike. Her first crush on a girl came when Alexa was in seventh grade, but it was unrequited. She did hook up with a couple of girls during her freshman year, and played with perhaps 10 girls overall before getting into porn. Alexa has been having anal sex in her private life since she was 14, but she still prefers vaginal sex. Her favorite position is doggie, lying down with her feet together. Ms. Nova loves huge cocks, but doesn't mind average ones either. She likes internal cum shots, and she swallows. She's intrigued by double penetration and gang bangs. Usually submissive to men and dominant with women, Alexa likes name-calling, spanking, choking, slapping and spitting, but not degradation or cruelty. She prefers sexually dominant, verbally expressive men that are trustworthy, respectful and kind. And she says she's not too picky about looks, being more attracted to personality. She likes genuine, good-hearted women. Oh, and Alexa masturbates at least once a day. While she doesn't expect to quit porn, Alexa earned a real estate license as a career backup. In her personal life, she loves to dance and she attends "drum n bass" shows — that's a fast-paced subgenre of electronic dance music, explains Alexa.