Abella Danger

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Beware: Abella Danger! The ass-blessed porn provocateur's scenes stop hearts as suddenly as her famous backside halts traffic. Dark-haired, deeply tan Abella is an American girl, born in November 1995 (Scorpio) in Miami. She stands 5'4" and measures a natural 34C-27-39. Yes, the delicious last figure is 39. Abella grew up with strict parents and a passion for dancing. In adolescence, she learned to embrace the features that make her unique, like her butt. She says she originally hated her ass because it looked weird in a dance leotard and because guys in her school liked to say she walked like a duck. (Silly boys — how many of you now worship Abella's backside in videos?) But by the time she was 15, this precocious girl came to realize that it's good to be different. The epiphany was that everyone she'd ever admired had exaggerated features, so she resolved to never let anyone try to change her. At 16, Abella gave her virginity to a guy that's still her best friend. All the girls she knew lost (or wanted to lose) their cherries to the "loves of their lives," but insightful Abella figured that was impossible to find at such a young age, and the natural result would be regret and heartbreak. So she turned to her friend, knowing she'd never come to resent him. She still loves that choice. From there, Abella went in search of what she now knows to be orgasms, which she was not having in her first sexual encounters. She wound up sleeping with 19 guys before her porn career; she actually made a list. When Abella was 18, a guy she was dating continually begged her to do a porn scene with him. She secretly loved it immediately. By the time they'd created five scenes together, Abella wanted to know if she could do it on her own. Abella's first pro scene was shot in Miami. By then she knew how to fuck, and the crew made her comfortable with compliments about her body. That still helps with pre-scene nerves. A discovery she loves even more: Abella found that a rolling camera brings out her alter ego, a slutty little thing with no shame. Doing porn, she fears no judgment; in fact, she's praised for it. Abella may have wound up in porn by accident, but she feels it was meant for her. Critics agree: She was named Best New Starlet in 2016 and has been nominated Female Performer Of The Year in subsequent years. Abella chose her name because she likes the contrast of "Bella" (beauty) with "Danger." Her family knows about her career. Ms. Danger enjoys working with older men. She says her father is 22 years older than her mother, and she thinks it's hot when she works with a man older than her mom. When she was still a teen, Abella once took on a man over 40. Regardless of age, Abella is attracted to aggressive men. She seeks tall, muscular builds, pretty smiles and driven, goal-oriented personalities. She loves being choked and slapped, and she likes men that aren't afraid to stick their pricks up her ass without permission. Abella likes eating asshole; she prefers cum shots on her face; and she says she masturbates "too often." She says her ultimate fantasy, a 10-guy gangbang, would be more safely executed in porn than in private life. From an early age, Abella liked girls ... possibly more than men. She dated a girl for over a year. Abella calls dancing her life's passion. She enjoys tanning, loves rap and hip-hop, and HATES video games.