Cheating Stepmom Alexis: BJ Blackmail! - Alexis Fawx

Release date February 8, 2018 Runtime 22 minutes

Alexis Fawx is a flashy, lusciously curvy blonde MILF with a few secrets. She looks stunning in sexy hoop earrings, a midriff-baring top, high heels and a tight black skirt that accentuates her big butt and shows off her fabulous, tanned legs. Her stepson, Brad, notices — in the kitchen, she seems to be flaunting her curvy rear and eating a banana seductively. With his father out of town, the curious college student definitely notices when Alexis' phone rings and she steps out to take the call privately. Not just his suspicion is aroused. Brad eavesdrops on his stepmother's private phone call and gets an earful: Alexis whispers that she doesn't want calls at home because her stepson might overhear. She complains bitterly about her boring husband, saying she doesn't know when they last had sex and that the old man's dick is shrinking. The nasty wife has no respect for Brad's dad. But as she makes plans for a cheating fuck date with the caller, Brad records her on his cell phone! So Brad confronts his wayward, oversexed stepmom with the recorded proof of her infidelity. He also knows that she cheats with the gardener, and Brad won't let this go any longer. Alexis wants that recording. She's offended by the invasion of privacy, and Brad seems interested in something besides defending his dad's honor. He suggests he'll erase the video if he gets something first, and Alexis realizes she's being blackmailed for sex! And yet, she finds her stepson's lust (and even the blackmail) kind of hot. She succumbs to his extortion, pulling out her giant, tan-lined jugs; as they kiss playfully, she gets off on the idea that her stepson has been watching her and fantasizing about fucking her. But will he promise to erase the recording? All she gets is a maybe, but when she sees his huge boner, she totally gives in. "You like your stepmother's lips all over your cock?" she asks Brad and the viewer, making eye contact with the camera in gripping POV footage. Alexis' dirty talk is as hot as her cocksucking. "You wanna stick your dick in your stepmommy's mouth? Such a naughty boy ... I didn't realize you had such a big dick; I wouldn't have had to look elsewhere!" Her spit lubes a righteous titty fuck, and cheating Alexis loves seeing her wedding ring as she strokes her stepson's thick meat and licks his balls. When she peels out of her skirt, her big butt fills the screen. Naked Alexis kneels and sucks away. Tickling Brad's balls, she jerks his jism onto her face and titties, still talking dirty. And she orally cleans up his cum. "Definitely can't tell your daddy about this," purrs Alexis. "I think we'll have to play a lot more."

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Embezzler Kleio's Blackmailed Buttfuck - Kleio Valentien

Release date March 1, 2018 Runtime 00:38

Busty, tattooed blonde Kleio Valentien is in desperate need of a loan to cover up for her foolish behavior. The wealthy wife has been embezzling money from clients — her own and her husband's — and it seems the victims are beginning to notice. At wit's end trying to figure out how to evade discovery, shame and incarceration, the distressed beauty calls upon colleague Bill Bailey for assistance. Dumbfounded by Kleio's seemingly ludicrous request, Bill realizes something's amiss. When Kleio admits that her husband would be devastated to discover that she's begging for a handout, Bill puts the pieces together. Glam, striking Kleio is a woman he's always dreamed of fucking, and he senses a weakness. An opportunity! Bill asks how much money she needs to get out of her predicament, knowing that he has the upper hand. Finally, the sinister stud presents Kleio with an unexpected ultimatum: Let him sodomize her, or be exposed! It's basic blackmail: If she wants to get her ass out of this jam, she'll have to let him jam her ass! Knowing how desperate her situation is, the gorgeous but vulnerable thief takes the bait, mentioning that her husband can never find out about the embezzlement ... or the cheating. Nervous Kleio gives the creepy extortionist a sloppy blowjob. As he fucks her face, Bill continues reminding her that she has to satisfy him in order to get her loan. Bill smacks her massive tits and hammers her furry twat, and then sticks his fingers in her butthole to stretch her out for a harsh buttfuck. The slutty criminal is soon enjoying herself, shamelessly begging her blackmailer to pound her harder! Kleio sucks Bill's long, stiff cock ass-to-mouth amid intense anal drilling, and she fingers her wet cunt while riding his rod. For the finale, Kleio's hung, opportunistic business colleague gives her one last surprise, covering her beautiful face in sperm. In disbelief, Kleio tells him how wrong it was. Bill simply ignores the blackmailed slut and leaves the room.