Anal Blackmail For Stepdaughter Anna!

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Anna de Ville

Petite beauty Anna de Ville has been pampering herself at the expense of her stepfather, Evan Stone. The pale, tattooed reprobate has stolen his money on multiple occasions, but her latest act of selfishness crossed a line. When Evan discovers that she's snatched a prized piece of jewelry that had belonged to his late wife — Anna's mother — he devises a twisted plan for revenge... Evan had long recognized Anna's penchant for flirtatious behavior toward him, usually considering it harmless. Or was it? The time had come to put his stepdaughter to the test. On the anniversary of his wife's death, Evan "innocently" asks Anna to spend the evening with him, but little does she know of the sordid ideas her stepdad has in store. He confronts the not-so-innocent young tramp; cornered, she confesses her thievery. Humiliated Anna attempts to storm out of the house, but Evan warns that she ought to think twice before leaving. The scheming creep threatens to turn Anna in to the police for her crimes, and Anna realizes he's blackmailing her into a depraved sexual encounter! Evan assertively puts Anna on his lap and yanks up her tight skirt to grope her flawless, white ass. Anna whimpers timidly as he finger-fucks her twat. She places her hand on his stiff cock, succumbing because she has no choice. Anna sucks his thick prick as the immoral pervert talks dirty, drooling and slobbering over her perky tits. Father-of-the-year Evan fucks her cunt and then bends Anna over for a severe anal reaming! The compromised slut actually begins to enjoy the affair with her perverted stepdad; lewdly she requests that he, "Make me Daddy's little anal whore!" This session of nasty, shameless sodomy features hard-ass anal reaming; slobbery, ass-to-mouth cocksucking; and graphic rectal gaping! For the climax, Evan plasters Anna's pretty face in cum. She crudely responds, "Did you like blowing your big load over your daughter?!"