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Fashion Slut Ashley Anally Blackmailed - Ashley Adams

Release date April 26, 2018

Ashley Adams would seem a perfect candidate for a career in the sexy world of high fashion. She knows how to adorn her naturally busty, lovely-legged figure with stylish garments like a tight, body-hugging black dress and high heels. Sexy lips give her a seductive smile. Starting at the bottom of a clothing design firm, Ashley decides she'll do whatever it takes to get ahead. Her direct supervisor, Bill Bailey, likes looking up her skirt and sexually harassing her; Ashley soon realizes the industry is full of perverts. She tries to slap away Bill's attentions because this guy can't really help her career anyway. Ashley knows that the only perv worthy of her sexual permissiveness is the big boss. And so Ashley makes her sexy self very available to the big boss, a middle-aged bald guy in a suit. They make out around the office, and she lets him fuck her right at her desk... Of course Ashley knows that her indiscretions with the boss frustrate Bill, who has a serious crush on her. Just when she'd like to torpedo Bill's job, he confronts her: He has recorded a video of Ashley screwing the boss, and he's blackmailing her! Now Ashley is desperate — it will "ruin her life" if the video gets out and everyone knows she's fucking her creepy employer. Evil Bill physically accosts her, paternalistically gripping her by the chin and lecturing, "I'm gonna show the world how slutty you are." Unless, of course, she agrees to be slutty with Bill. "Hashtag, you're fucked!" he taunts. With no choice, Ashley unleashes her bountiful, beautiful, tan-lined knockers. He sucks a fabulous tit and vigorously fingers her pretty, bald pussy. And kinky Bill frottages Ashley, salaciously rubbing his big boner in the ass crack beneath her lacy black panties. Angry Ashley kneels for a slobbering blowjob, her face and words expressing hostility. Bill fucks her on her desk, his thick prick pumping her bald gash. Grudge-fucking Ashley growls, "I fuckin' hate that you're making me feels so good." Deep anal reaming makes Ashley gasp and masturbate. Bill says, "I know what you really like." He spanks and physically manhandles the fashion slut as he sodomizes her. Her hot butt fills the screen. The creepy blackmailer lifts her leg for an acrobatic, standing buttfuck. Finally, Bill jerks scalding semen onto Ashley's face, and thick cum spunks her deep cleavage. Defeated Ashley turns her head in utter revulsion. Welcome to high fashion!