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"Virgin" Bride (Party Slut) Blackmail! - Jaye Summers

Release date February 22, 2018 Runtime 00:38

Trim, young, brown-eyed beauty Jaye Summers has a dark side she's been hiding from her clueless fiancé: With her wedding just weeks away, the beautiful bride-to-be has been banging guys behind her boyfriend's back! The boyfriend's brother, Xander Corvus — Jaye's future brother-in-law — is staying with the couple as their wedding approaches. When Xander listens in on one of Jaye's private conversations, he learns the shocking extent of the lie the cheating bride-to-be is living. It's revealed that she has concocted an outrageous, false reality: This party slut is deceiving her hapless boyfriend to believe she's still a virgin! Looking for more dirt on Jaye, Xander breaks into her phone and finds incriminating photos that document the double-crossing slut's tawdry affairs. Jaye begs Xander to give back her snatched cell phone, realizing how disastrous it would be if the truth she's been hiding were revealed to her fiancé. So Xander offers a simple solution: If she gives him a blowjob, it can be their little secret ... and he'll keep her big secrets from his brother. Jaye realizes she's being blackmailed, but she feels she has no choice. So she agrees to meddling Xander's sick proposal. The wicked girl treats the creepy brother-in-law to slobbery fellatio, and his pud pounds her throat. As if getting off on his own perversion, Xander demands that Jaye say out loud, "I love sucking my fiancé's brother's cock." And Jaye obliges! Jaye's fiancé soon comes home looking for her. He winds up conversing with Xander as shameless Jaye, unseen behind the counter, continues to suck Xander's cock! With his brother in the next room, the freaky blackmailer raises the stakes, leading Jaye to the couch for a hard anal pounding. Jaye fondles her cunt as Xander reams her tight rectum, and he sodomizes her in multiple positions as she talks dirty. Finally, Xander blows a thick wad of cum over the blushing bride's face. The creepy stud snaps a picture of Jaye soaked in semen. With photo proof, the sister-in-law won't be allowed to forget!