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Latina Stepmom’s Blackmailed Blowjob - Mercedes Carrera

Release date March 22, 2018 Runtime 00:32

Is voluptuous bombshell Latina Mercedes Carrera embezzling funds from stepson Jay Smooth’s trust fund? He detects a large sum of cash missing from his account, and Jay comes to the distressing realization that his devious stepmother must be the culprit. His suspicions are confirmed when Jay overhears a phone conversation in which Mercedes admits to her wrongdoing. When Jay later confronts the busty beauty about her duplicitous ways, Mercedes makes a feeble attempt to cover up her crime. Wearing slutty business attire with sheer pantyhose and heels, she turns to seduction to try and placate the enraged stud, claiming that she’ll do whatever it takes to fix the problem. Realizing that he now has the upper hand with his very compromised stepmother, Jay takes advantage, making overt sexual advances. Uncomfortable as Jay gropes her, the beautiful MILF expresses how wrong she feels, to which Jay emphatically replies, “You’re preaching to me about what is inappropriate, you fucking thief?” With little resistance, Mercedes accepts her blackmailer’s demand for oral sex, as long as he agrees to forget about the unfortunate embezzling incident. Mercedes talks dirty while giving a slobbery, deep-throat blowjob, provocatively taunting, “Is that what you want? You want your step-mommy to suck your cock? You filthy fucking boy.” She strokes and slurps his stiff prick, staring into the camera and spewing foulmouthed rhetoric as drool drips from her plush, pink lips. Mercedes’ massive mammaries bounce freely through a fierce face fuck, and the cheating slut’s wedding ring glimmers as she pumps Jay’s prick. She fondles her wet cunt throughout the kinky family affair; as he jerks off, she lustfully encourages Jay to cum on her face. After the blackmailing creep slathers his shameless stepmother’s face in sperm, the cum-covered whore seductively gazes at Jay, saying, “You remember we had a deal, right? You don’t tell Daddy a thing.” To go back on the deal would be inappropriate, even immoral!